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The growing importance of turnkey HR services

Let’s assume that your organisation is ready for growth. Bringing on board the right talent at the right time is critical to maintaining consistent development of your brand, however there are a number of contributing factors to making this process a success. More often than not, we subconsciously spend our time stood beneath the funnel instead of understanding how to build, maintain and improve it to manufacture consistent success.

This mini-series will look at how the modern HR function is evolving faster than ever at an enterprise level, but how smaller business can equally benefit from technological and service advancements – but with a fraction of the overall investment.

Priority 1 – The Checklist

The points below show my basic checklist for the necessary ingredients to build a successful talent management programme for a growing brand. The pros and cons to each of these will be explained in more detail throughout the series. Be honest – if you can’t confidently tick off the majority of these then you are likely to face recurring issues within the growth process.

  • Do you have an internal talent management system to profile all new and historical candidates into your own internal talent community?
  • Do you segment your candidate pool into role specific / skillset specific / salary specific verticals?
  • Do you communicate regularly with your Talent Community? If yes – how is this delivered? (feedback / progress)
  • Is your department creating a range of talent or culture specific content to be released via social media channels?
  • How do you plan for succession?
  • Are you collecting feedback from new starters and analysing workforce trends?

These are the basics. You can always optimise these elements, however in my experience, too many small to medium enterprises believe an integrated talent management programme to be costly, lacking in value and time consuming in comparison to other perceived “business critical” HR services.

Priority 2 – Piecing the puzzle

The basic systems required to run an effective talent programme exist in a number of forms and no longer require a majority of the company’s budget to implement.
Talent management software, ATS platforms (applicant tracking systems) and HCM systems (Human Capital Management) are so numerous in today’s world that there is literally a solution to any common business challenge.

The question is, what solution is a best-fit to enable growth, retention and an efficient talent strategy?

Whether your company employs a standalone internal recruitment team, or whether this is an added responsibility for a generic HR function, too many businesses prioritise a ‘CV vs role’ approach and don’t think about the bigger picture.

How is the business perceived within our own vertical? Is our content encouraging a higher quality, potentially passive candidate to engage with us directly? If a key staff member suddenly left the business, do we have the resources to make an immediate replacement?
More often than not, a business will spend a small fortune across a range of advertising mediums, agency searches and assessment centres.

The alternative however is a more efficient solution generating higher brand visibility at a lower cost!

Integrating a cloud based ATS platform at a cost per user basis will not only control cost but also allow greater visibility into the talent community your business creates. Working in tandem with internal marketing teams.

Priority 3 – deployment and execution

The relationship between People, System and Process is critical to ensure everything runs according to plan.

The aim of any talent function should be to drive company growth through the attraction of high performing individuals who share the same cultural goals as their organisation.

Every step of the journey should be reviewed, especially in the early days to make sure a solution really is a ‘best-fit’ for the end-goal. Whether implementation is carried out in-house our outsourced, the value is in the data!

What trends can we identify? Are there any common themes we can pick out on the back of previous successful hires? How does out talent community react to our engagement, and what steps to we need to implement on the back of this?

Our next article will cover the do’s and don’ts of candidate attraction and how to optimise engagement from a new target talent community.

Introducing Nichola Woodhead

We’re delighted to announce a new member of the Logical Resources team in the UK.

Following a glut of new client wins over recent weeks, Nichola Woodhead has joined as an Account Manager.

With over seven years’ experience in the industry, Nichola brings a wealth of insight and knowledge from her time with BWD, Better Placed and Brook Street. She will be working closely with our Divisional Manager for Water, Harrison Woodward, to source the best candidates for our clients in this sector, while also supporting the wider UK team across a variety of services.

Commenting on joining the businesses, Nichola said:

“I love working with candidates to help them make that next step in their career, and get a huge amount of pride by helping people on their own personal journey. The best part of the job for me is having a happy candidate, and with the fantastic portfolio of clients looking for great talent, I’m sure Logical will be a great place for me to continue this work.”

Please join us in welcoming Nichola to the business.

Introducing Present Works

Logical Resources is a business that has always adapted to changes in the marketplace quicker than the competition.

One of the biggest trends we’ve spotted recently is the importance of marketing in the talent journey. For many businesses, the way they portray themselves – everywhere from their own site, to social media, to reviews on feedback sites such as Glassdoor – can have a huge impact on how appealing they are to prospective employees. With so much competition for the best staff, it is imperative that businesses effectively market the reasons why their organisation is a great place for talented individuals to grow and prosper.

So many conversations with clients were bringing up the issue of attracting new talent that we felt we needed a robust service that could help to engage and inspire the next generation of talent to join our clients.

We are therefore very proud to announce our new partnership with marketing strategy experts Present Works.

With a combined 40 years experience across the whole A-to-Z of marketing, the Present Works team will be bringing their pragmatic approach to marketing to our wider TMaaS offer. They will support us in developing strategies and delivering campaigns for clients, adding value throughout the talent management journey.

If you’re an in-house HR or recruitment expert looking to supercharge your talent journey, get in touch here.

We’re hiring


Since the creation of Logical Resources in 2001, the organisation has achieved growth on an international scale working with some of the most influential technology brands globally. We believe that understanding current market trends, producing evidence based content and expertly driven talent attraction campaigns will add value and facilitate growth across any organisation.

From securing our first client, the business has evolved strategically in line with the growth of individual vertical markets covering cloud technology, cyber security, civil engineering and water treatment solutions.

In recent years, Logical Resources has developed a wider range of services to complement the core Executive Search solution and provide a wider Talent Management as a Service (TMaaS) model which utilises a technology driven approach to recruitment and the creation of “talent communities” which in turn will add value to current and future campaigns for our customers, be that at senior sales or leadership level.

Logical Resources currently operates out of three locations globally, our Leeds based HQ, Melbourne Australia and Long Beach California.


One of the core values of our business is the consistent and achievable progression on offer to each of our employees.

Two of our current company directors are former company trainees and now run our UK and Australian divisions through hard work, determination and creative thinking.

We give every new team member the best tools to prosper. All new employees are provided with a two week structured training programme, Company phone, laptop, individual workspace and flexible working holidays where necessary. We also provide private healthcare insurance including 50% off Virgin gym memberships.



Working from our Leeds HQ, you will be building a portfolio of strategic clients in line with an agreed business plan for your industry vertical.

Working hours are typically 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday with occasional out of hours work which is rewarded with a healthy bonus scheme depending on financial performance vs target.

When established, you will be expected to travel nationally meeting existing and prospective clients with the view to becoming a preferred supplier for new vacancies, niche searches and market research assignments.

The life of a recruitment consultant is determined by the application of the employee.
Successful consultants immerse themselves within a chosen market and endeavour not only to establish a strong physical network of candidates and clients but also choose to take a personal interest within that vertical surrounding business trends, important acquisitions and industry related news content.

Typical roles we source include:

  • Business Development
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Director
  • VP Sales
  • Software Developer
  • Pre-sales Consultant
  • Solutions Architect

We need out-of-the-box thinkers with a passion for business who can see a problem and create a solution to match the need of the client whilst endeavoring to do so to provide the best possible ROI for the customer.

Company rewards in addition to the uncapped bonus scheme include private medical insurance and several annual foreign incentive trips, fully expensed. Recent trips have included a week in Ibiza, the Tommorowland Festival and our upcoming trip to Phuket in Thailand.

Email with your application or to discuss the role further.

Continue your journey in recruitment with Logical Resources.

Is this the world’s best office Christmas party?

Recruitment bosses reward employees with Christmas party in Thai party capital Phuket

With Christmas just around the corner the time has come again for Brits up and down the country to muddle through the social minefield of the Office Christmas Party, with awkward small talk, drunken mishaps and office politics promising a night you’d rather forget come January.

However, this year all that is changing thanks to one set of generous directors who are treating their team to the office Christmas do of a lifetime – an all-expenses paid, seven night blow out on Thailand’s party island of Phuket.

Directors at recruitment firm Logical Resources Sales & Technical Recruitment set its UK and Melbourne teams the most ambitious revenue target in the history of the company, with the promise that if the target was reached the whole office would be jetting off to Thailand’s party capital.

Both teams reached the aggressive target before the deadline, resulting in what promises to be the best office Christmas party in the world!

For seven nights, all employees from the UK and Australia offices will enjoy some well-earned downtime at the luxury Novotel at Kamala Beach, just north of Patong Beach famous for its lively nightlife.

Director, Rob Carlton, said: “We believe that recognition in the workplace has the power to transform lives, and this is an attitude we’ve taken at Logical Resources Sales & Technical Recruitment over the years. An engaged, committed workforce is absolutely critical to maintaining a positive internal culture, as well as generating business growth, so it makes sense to us to reward our employees when it’s due.

“We set some really aggressive targets for this incentive, so it’s testament to the team’s passion, commitment, and ability that they managed to succeed, helping our clients to achieve their goals while also reaching our own business objectives.”

Logical Resources Sales & Technical Recruitment’s commitment to staff training and wellbeing has been the catalyst for its sustained growth since 2001, and the business now boasts offices in Leeds, Melbourne and California.

Kurt Wagner, UK Director at Logical Resources, said: “I started at Logical as a graduate, and, under Rob’s guidance, have worked my way up to my current role where I head up the UK operation. Rob’s commitment to supporting and developing the individuals he sees have potential is astounding, and I couldn’t think of a better reward for such a hardworking team than such an amazing Christmas party.”

As well as the Thailand extravaganza, employees at Logical Resources have previously been incentivised with two trips to the party isle of Ibiza, and a stay in Barcelona. The team have also previously travelled to Belgium to join 400,000 others at Tomorrowland, one of the world’s most in-demand festivals whose 2018 tickets sold out in less than an hour.

Don’t fear the crossroads

Congratulations, you’ve just secured an offer for the role you have spent the best part of a month interviewing for – not to mention the month before you’ve been psyching yourself up to make the leap.

The overriding feeling is excitement around this new opportunity and every you have ahead of you, but there are still some hurdles to navigate before you can get there.

This next phase of the interview process is critical, as you have to balance maintaining credibility with not only your prospective manager but also to your current employer. Leaving a business is difficult in any scenario, especially when you are hopefully a valued employee with a strong track record of over-performance.

It’s at this point the doubts can naturally set in.

How am I going to break the news to my manager? What if they counter me? What if they’re furious? Am I making the right move? What would my partner think?

Everyone who has ever changed jobs has had to deal with these conundrums. Take a minute to breathe and reflect.

What were the real reasons for looking in the first place all those weeks ago?

Now, think about the following:

  1. This career move should be designed to improve your quality of life – weigh up both options with this objective in mind.
  2. Your current manager wasn’t born into the business, and so any suggestion that the grass is never greener is completely false – you are not a tree, don’t be scared to move.
  3. Expect a counter offer, however more money may not mean make you happier – if you have squeezed every ounce of professional development from your current role, a new challenge is probably still the best call.
  4. Use your partner as a vital sounding board from the earliest point in the process. Don’t wait until the kids have finally gone to sleep, creep back downstairs and drop an offer letter for a new career onto the table in front of them and expect everything to run smoothly.
  5. Self belief meant you felt you deserved more than your current position, and you were strong enough to secure an offer of employment from the leadership team of your prospective employer – use this to give you the confidence that you’ll be strong enough to succeed in your new role and the next phase of your career.

As a final note, sometimes ‘failure’ can still happen – there’s no golden bullet for making the right decision. The silver lining in all of this is that no successful business professional or entrepreneur has ever reached the lofty heights they are today without experiencing adversity or failure – we learn from every experience and we’ve got to build on our professional journey without regrets.

I genuinely believe that the right career move has the power to transform lives! Now go out there and get the job you deserve.

The importance of mentors

This story was inspired, as so many are, by a journey.

Following a successful meeting out of town, we had some important decisions make about the future of our business and as ever, news of a new professional partnership often comes with operational considerations.

Usually this oft-travelled journey would’ve been a flurry of activity, with the mood swaying wildly between excitement and apprehension at the task ahead. However thanks to the now expected issues that come with train travel in the UK, the usual distractions for a celebratory journey home – beer, sandwiches and complimentary WiFi – were denied us.

Our plans were scuppered, but the carriage was unusually calm.

This lack of distraction pulled me onto a reflective track. My mind was overtaken with thoughts on, not only the journey I had taken to reach this point I began to consider the personal journey I had taken to get to this point, but the people who had helped me along the way.

We are all under pressure from different elements of our lives, and I believe it’s critical to find a professional outlet outside of your organisation to be able to bounce ideas off and air your thoughts. The outcome of this will be the self-enablement of growth from a skills, personality and goal setting perspective. Identify people within your network who you respect, perceive as achieving professional success and most of all, who are on your wavelength personally.

Too often we can not see the wood for the trees, too often we work with a blinkered approach for the wrong reasons. I have fallen into this trap many times in the past as I’m sure we all have at one point or another.

The remedy? Don’t be afraid to be under pressure, just be aware that you don’t have to go it alone, there are people within your network who will actively enjoy adding value to your growth and sharing best practice actually give them a break from their own daily routines.

I wouldn’t be here today without the help of people I respected within my network and the advice they bring. Be open, be inquisitive, be ambitious, and let others in to help you on your journey.