Logical Resources is a business that has always adapted to changes in the marketplace quicker than the competition.

One of the biggest trends we’ve spotted recently is the importance of marketing in the talent journey. For many businesses, the way they portray themselves – everywhere from their own site, to social media, to reviews on feedback sites such as Glassdoor – can have a huge impact on how appealing they are to prospective employees. With so much competition for the best staff, it is imperative that businesses effectively market the reasons why their organisation is a great place for talented individuals to grow and prosper.

So many conversations with clients were bringing up the issue of attracting new talent that we felt we needed a robust service that could help to engage and inspire the next generation of talent to join our clients.

We are therefore very proud to announce our new partnership with marketing strategy experts Present Works.

With a combined 40 years experience across the whole A-to-Z of marketing, the Present Works team will be bringing their pragmatic approach to marketing to our wider TMaaS offer. They will support us in developing strategies and delivering campaigns for clients, adding value throughout the talent management journey.

If you’re an in-house HR or recruitment expert looking to supercharge your talent journey, get in touch here.