We hear it all the time – our candidates are frustrated! Why? Because they take the time to apply for a job and never hear back from the recruiter.

Candidates are sick and tired of being treated like they don’t matter. Whether you’re an internal recruiter or working for an agency, your candidates have taken the time to get in touch with you, they deserve to hear back! Unfortunately, the trend of high staff turnover within recruitment has driven the industry towards transactional interactions. Candidate sends resume, you check for keywords, maybe you take 3 minutes to inset your logo on the header, convert it to a PDF and throw it over the fence to your client. No wonder they think we’re all cowboys/girls!

Not unlike other specialist boutique agencies, we focus and measure our team on building long term partnerships with our candidates and clients. We may not place the candidate in the first instance every time, but with consistent communication, we can get to know their unique value propositions and how best we can assist them in the next steps of their careers.

Research conducted by Lever in 2018 shows that 60% of candidates have had a bad experience, and 72% of them have shared their experience online either on Linkedin or Glassdoor. To qualify the impact this can have, the study also found that 89% of job seekers would change their mind about working with a company if it had negative reviews on Glassdoor or Linkedin.

Treat your candidates like you treat your customers and don’t underestimate the value of Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Businesses can bang on about their great workplace culture and benefits package all they like but candidates are much more likely to believe it when it’s coming from someone they know. We see major corporate companies spend millions on marketing and branding but when it comes to candidate experience, they miss the mark. 4 in 5 job seekers in Australia said that the overall candidate experience gives them an indicator of how a company values its people. If you treat candidates well, they can become brand ambassadors for you.

Our Lead Recruitment Consultant, Debs Raddings, placed Ryan O’Connor at Nitro and he provided the feedback below;

“With Debs the relationship extends beyond the active job opportunity. There’s a lot of contact throughout the whole process and even now after placement in the role – we’re friends. She takes an interest in everything, she would take into consideration fatigue from doing constant interviews and stood out amongst other recruiters when prepping me for interviews and bringing my energy levels back to 100% to give me the best possible opportunity to be successful.”

Read Ryan’s full testimonial here

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