Starting a new job can be daunting. Never mind when your predecessor did an amazing job and everyone is devastated to see them go. It can leave you wondering; “Will I ever be as good as Stephanie?”


Small businesses are a breeding ground for self-made successors like Stephanie. These are the type of people who take a job, make it their own and perform above and beyond what is expected of them. When job responsibilities are fluid within a business, it can result in employees molding their roles to fit their own strengths. It disassociates the person from a specific job title and makes it difficult to define what they do. They themselves become the definition of what they do.


This can be great news for the business – they’ve got a superstar employee who is engaged, motivated and willing to go the extra mile. But what happens when Stephanie moves on from this role?


Replacing Stephanie is not easy. It will be near impossible to find another Stephanie if that’s all your looking for.


Recruiters; don’t overlook candidates who can’t do every single thing that Stephanie could do. Every candidate has unique skills they can bring to the table and you’ll miss these if you’re looking for a clone of Stephanie.


Candidates; don’t let Stephanie’s legacy intimidate you! Stop looking at every positive comment made about her as a dig at you. It’s not! Yes, she was great at her job but you will be too. Leverage the positive feedback and turn it into an opportunity to ask your employer what made her so successful.


Stephanie; keep being amazing! You’re setting a high benchmark which is great. Some who follow in your footsteps may be bitter… try not to take it personally.