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Get to Know your Clients!!!

I once worked as an internal recruiter for a Managed Services provider where neither myself nor the rest of the HR team had ever once picked up the phone to have a chat with one of our clients. As a team, we were leading the recruitment function of the organisation, recruiting for roles we knew very little about, at companies that we had never been acquainted with.

An ambiguous job title, a generic job description, and stringent rules around how transparent we could be with the candidates and you’ve all the ingredients needed for a grueling, laborious, and ultimately unsuccessful hiring process. These restrictions saw me calling candidates with “a potential role” with “a client I’m unable to disclose at this time”. Anything to cover our ass when a competitor would inevitably come along and fill the role before us.

I remember the team never fully understanding why our candidates were rarely successful. “But they have that job title at their last 2 roles?” and “the tech that the candidate listed on their CV matches the tech on the job description?” Oh, how naïve we were!

Working at Logical is a completely different ball game. I’ve met the most honest, straight talking recruiters there is. We get real meaningful information from our meetings with our clients which enables us to do our job well and with credibility. We are upfront with our candidates and give transparent feedback throughout every stage of the process. Logical don’t just fill an open slot in an organisation, we map out a recruitment strategy with our clients. We’ll learn about overall business objectives, pre-empt growth and become a long term partner contributing to your business’ success.

Recruitment is so much more than ticking boxes and matching keywords in a job description to a CV. It’s all the information you can’t get from a job description. It’s the culture of the workplace, the hiring manager’s leadership style, the structure of the department the candidate will join and where they’ll sit within the team. It’s all of that and more, and the only way to successfully recruit the best candidate is to know as much information as possible.

Forging great relationships and being on a personal level with your clients helps guarantee success for both parties. So grab that coffee, or better yet a beer, and get socialising!

Candidate Testimonial – Caroline Sealy

Logical are always seeking feedback from our candidates for continuous improvement. This week, we spoke with Caroline Sealy about her experience with Logical. Caroline is now a Practice Manager in the Digital Workplace team at Dimension Data.

When Caroline was ready for a change from her previous role, she immediately thought of Gill at Logical. “She’s my first thought when I consider looking for a new job or if I want to know what the market is looking like.”

Caroline and Gill met for a coffee to discuss options; there wasn’t a specific job in mind at first but they assessed Caroline’s strengths and established a fit from there. “It was cool to go there with no clue of what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted a change and Gill helped me establish what I wanted to do. She translated my skills into a role that I never would have considered before on paper but it was a great match.”

At Logical, we pride ourselves on the knowledge we have from keeping our finger on the pulse in the IT market here in Melbourne and wider Australia. We proactively keep up with tech trends and the hottest verticals in the industry which allows us to give extra value to our candidates seeking advice on what the next move in their career could look like.

Caroline went on to describe the interview process as straightforward, she had 1 week with all 3 stages of the interview and caught up with Gill every day for feedback and progress updates.

We asked Caroline how her experience with Logical differed from other recruiters:

“By leaps and bounds. It’s a lot more personal, I think of Gill as a friend and although I’ve only interacted with her in a recruitment sense, I trust her advice and she’ll always be open and honest with me when it comes to feedback on my skillset. I’ve never once felt like a source of revenue whereas I have felt like that with other agencies.”

Caroline finished by saying she’s worked with the rest of the team at Logical and it’s been an awesome experience all around and she would definitely recommend us to friends and family.

Thanks for chatting with us Caroline – it’s always a pleasure to receive positive feedback.

Pre-sales Consultant $200k OTE in Sydney

We are currently seeking an experienced Sydney based Pre-sales Technical Consultant to assist our client take the next step. You will work with an Australian owned Technical company which specialise in cloud based technology within the Education & Employment sector. If you’re a great analytical thinker, posses a great ability to meet the customers needs and can translate them into solutions then this is the job for you.

Our client is fully committed to giving the next generation the vital technology they need to succeed. With a strong passion for the education sector, they are proud to be one of Australia’s leading experts within their field over the past 15 years. On top of this, our client are one of the most rapidly growing tech businesses in Australia, whilst having a big focus on maintaining a great working culture that ensures all employees are equally supported and given the right tools to succeed to grow the business.

The role is a first for the business due to the growth of the organisation. This is a unique opportunity for the successful candidate to add to the strategic direction of the business, assist in building the team with wins and step into management should that be your goal. You will work with business development managers to meet with potential clients and understand their technical landscapes and needs. We are looking for someone with a strong technical background, who is experienced in a well performed environment. A great passion for technology is imperative, as you will devise a bespoke software for the customer and present it back to them to ensure they understand how they will use the product once it is implemented.

You must enjoy the face to face experience with customers and have a passion for adding to the process of getting complex , 6 figure plus sales across the line. With a market leading solution that you can really demonstrate the best ROI, your role will be to ensure the customer has no queries around the technical side of the product.

You will have significant experience in Pre-Sales, selling education software, student management systems. Strong communication skills are a must.

If you’re keen to join a rapidly growing organisation call Frankie today on 0434 627 088 or send your resume to


Brands getting ‘verbified’!

Is there any greater recognition for a brand than getting ‘verbified’? This happens when a brand becomes so popular that the company name replaces the verb used to describe it’s product or services.

Don’t know what I mean?

It’s a Monday morning and you’re running late for a meeting with a client. You’ve missed your train so you’ll have to ‘Uber’ into the city. Hold on, what’s the clients business address again? Just ‘Google’ it. Hop into the Uber and ‘Whatsapp’ your client to let them know you’ll be 10 minutes later than expected. Finally, you’re on your way in, now what to do with the 45 minute commute? Of course – you ‘FaceTime’ your friend to catch up on all the gossip from the weekend!

Using these brand names as verbs has become part of our everyday vocabulary. This constant name dropping of their business is great news for the companies, right?

Wrong. A brand name being used in this way can result in genericide. This is where through popular usage, a brand name can be transformed into a common noun. We’ve seen it happen with aspirin, escalator, thermos and many more; they were originally legally protected trademarks but have since lost legal protection as trademarks by becoming the common name for the product or service they provide.

Brands need to be careful around the marketing of their business name in order to avoid genericide and potentially lose trademark protection. There are many existing trademarks frequently used as generic terms that are at risk of this; Frisbee, Tupperware, Jacuzzi, Vaseline, and Jet Ski just to name a few.

What brand names do you use as verbs? And who’s next to lose their trademark?