I once worked as an internal recruiter for a Managed Services provider where neither myself nor the rest of the HR team had ever once picked up the phone to have a chat with one of our clients. As a team, we were leading the recruitment function of the organisation, recruiting for roles we knew very little about, at companies that we had never been acquainted with.

An ambiguous job title, a generic job description, and stringent rules around how transparent we could be with the candidates and you’ve all the ingredients needed for a grueling, laborious, and ultimately unsuccessful hiring process. These restrictions saw me calling candidates with “a potential role” with “a client I’m unable to disclose at this time”. Anything to cover our ass when a competitor would inevitably come along and fill the role before us.

I remember the team never fully understanding why our candidates were rarely successful. “But they have that job title at their last 2 roles?” and “the tech that the candidate listed on their CV matches the tech on the job description?” Oh, how naïve we were!

Working at Logical is a completely different ball game. I’ve met the most honest, straight talking recruiters there is. We get real meaningful information from our meetings with our clients which enables us to do our job well and with credibility. We are upfront with our candidates and give transparent feedback throughout every stage of the process. Logical don’t just fill an open slot in an organisation, we map out a recruitment strategy with our clients. We’ll learn about overall business objectives, pre-empt growth and become a long term partner contributing to your business’ success.

Recruitment is so much more than ticking boxes and matching keywords in a job description to a CV. It’s all the information you can’t get from a job description. It’s the culture of the workplace, the hiring manager’s leadership style, the structure of the department the candidate will join and where they’ll sit within the team. It’s all of that and more, and the only way to successfully recruit the best candidate is to know as much information as possible.

Forging great relationships and being on a personal level with your clients helps guarantee success for both parties. So grab that coffee, or better yet a beer, and get socialising!