It’s the beginning of a new financial year and it’s the perfect time to review strategy and goals for the rest of the year. It’s time to get your house in order – there are a lot of changes that’ll impact HR so brush up on them and make sure you’re compliant!


Do you know about the new Labour Hire Licensing Act & Regulations? A labour hire provider is a business that has an arrangement with one or more individuals under which they supply individuals to perform work in and as part of the host’s business and the provider is obliged to pay the individual for performance of the work.

As a labour hire provider: You must be licensed to work in Victoria – you have until 29th October 2019 to register the online application and you must report annually on your labour hire activities.

As a host who uses labour hire providers: You must only engage with licensed providers.

There are hefty fines for non-compliance for both parties so apply for your license on the LHLO portal on the Labour Hire Authority website.


Single Touch Payroll (STP) is changing reporting requirements around tax and super for small businesses. It is aiming to streamline the tax and super information provided to the Australian Tax Office. Employers with 19 employees or less are required to start reporting through STP. This will allow employers to report salaries, PAYG withholding, and superannuation to the ATO every time they pay their employees. You have until September to ensure your payroll software in STP enabled or get software that offers it and produce a report.


Changes around Employer Sponsored Visas are still ongoing. Fees are increasing and legislation around visa conditions are being amended. The Nomination Training Contribution (NTCC) levy has increased by 5.4%. The levy differs between the TSS 482, ENS 186 and RSMS 187 visas. Find the nitty gritty details here.


The Fair Work Commission announced a 3% increase on the national minimum wage. It’s now sitting at $19.49 per hour and is effective from the first full pay period on or after 1st July. Additionally, consider a pay review for all employees. It’s a competitive market out there and attractive salaries will ensure you retain your valued employees.


We hope you enjoy the fresh start that the new financial year brings and if it’s all too much to take in, give us a bell and we’ll talk you through it over coffee!