AI machine learning is advancing rapidly. From everyday uses like translating between languages or suggesting music you might like based on what you’ve listened to before to more complex things like driving vehicles, writing encryption languages and trading stocks – the list of AI capabilities goes on. 

Many people fear AI and the redundancy it could induce. There’s no denying that machines are better than humans at analysing vast amounts of information quickly. In this digital age with more data than ever, we need to harness this capability and capitalise on the benefits this can bring to us. 

The value AI can bring to the Medical field is immeasurable. In a study conducted by the University of Heidelberg, 58 dermatologists took on an AI system in the challenge to detect skin cancers from scan images. The dermatologists detected 86.6% of skin cancers and the algorithmic system discovered 95%, with fewer false positives.  

Another study trained a machine to detect tumours and gauge their malignancy. It took less than 90 minutes to train the system to do this at the same speed and efficiency as humans. The potential is limitless. 

Machine learning has even mastered the art of creativity. Creativity is something we usually consider to be uniquely human however AI systems have composed music, designed logos, written novels and even came up with new recipes. 

What’s next in the ever-growing space of Artificial Intelligence?