Boy is this travelling kiwi glad she kept in touch with her old boss! I first worked with the team 7 years ago when I visited the UK on a working holiday visa and was recently given the opportunity to re-join the Logical family in their Melbourne office.

I was already in a great role, heading up a customer service team in the financial services industry but the picture of a newly evolved Logical took my interest.

After leaving England to move closer to home, with my husband being an engineer, we settled in Melbourne due to its market leading industry for technology.

In the past 7 years I have worked my way from customer service consultant in personal insurance to a service and settlements team leader for a fleet management company, with my own small retail start up in between.

My core skills are in customer centric processes, data and business operations. Some of my key achievements have been in designing training materials for on boarding processes, taking a department paperless by implementing efficient ways to work online and more recently building a customer service team from the ground up and leading them to stability, which I turn boosted moral and assisted in changing office culture in a positive way.

From a fresh out of uni backpacker to an experienced office professional, Logical didn’t recognise me at first but I didn’t recognise them either. Expanding an established UK based business in to the States and Australia, Logical now offer talent services such as; Building Talent Brands & Attraction Strategies, Improving broken HR & Recruitment Processes, Building Talent Pools & Increasing Workforce Capability, Workforce Management & Compliance.  Overall, creating desirable & happy cultures in the workplace.

In what feels like a life time apart, we have both definitely grown for the better.

What’s my role?

I will be focusing on supporting the team with data, marketing and connecting with talent. I will also look to challenge processes so we can build better efficiencies across our global brand.

I have always had an interest in technology and look forward to the challenge of learning the ins and outs of what drives our modern world. Luckily my daily commute allows for plenty of down time to study, I am currently on the look out for some informative podcasts, if you have any suggestions lets connect or comment below to help a girl out!!