Everyone knows the IT market is hot and Australia is a hub for super talented individuals to fast forward their careers with ambitious businesses.  My new role is throwing me in the deep end of all things Talent and Consulting in this wonderful space, however, I’ve a team orientated employer to help me bolster my technical experience from the past and put it into action in my new home!

Having worked for a SaaS based company for 5 years and leading various IT recruiting projects with the Australian Federal Government, I’ve seen firsthand how rapidly technology is evolving, impacting the way we see the world and more than ever I want to be a part of the evolution!

After relocating from Canberra, I wanted an opportunity which empowered me to work in a diverse range of technology, somewhere I could really develop. Logical gave me that chance, offering me a role which met my expectations.  With various clients, diverse roles, unlimited pool of candidates and a fresh approach to adding customer value.

I developed a strong interest in SaaS, revolutionising the licencing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.  Studies say that 75% of apps will be SaaS-powered by 2020. From a common delivery model for many business applications including Human Resource Management, Payroll processing, Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Service Desk Management to name a few, it has become the preferred choice for companies because of its scalability, easy upgradation and no need to rely on installing and running servers.

Australia is known for tech start-ups. Few of them are: Power Ledger, Active Port, HUMM Technologies, Frigbot and Spinify. More than 50 Australian startups founded since 2011 are valued over $100 million, out of which 15 are valued over $500 million and 6 are worth more than $1 billion. These companies represent a combined enterprise value of more than $300 billion and creation of 10,000 new jobs.

At Logical, we provide talent management and consulting services to tech startups and established businesses to enhance, improve & mature the Talent Life Cycle.

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