At Logical we like to #SharetheLove and #MakeSomeoneHappy. We are proud to say this was the case for Anuraag!

Debbie recently placed Anuraag in the role of HCM Business Development Manager with Ascender.

Logical’s relationship with Ascender started about 3 years ago with our Director Gill when she first opened our Melbourne office. Ascender are a market leader in payroll solution, Off the back of a recent acquisition their product base has extended to HR management allowing a more unified solution from employee requisition to performance, HR, and payroll management. Due to this we have been working with Ascender to help scale up talent across the wider business.

Anuraag was referred to Logical by another candidate who had recently had a good experience with us. When we were first introduced, Debbie spent time understanding what it was that was important to Anuraag. We like to know what makes our candidates tick, we want to know about their experience, work/life balance, future goals, is their key motivator financial or is it the opportunity to expand their skill set? From there we can assess the candidates wants and needs against the requirements and opportunities offered by our client base. Turns out Debbie was right and Anuraag made a great impression on Rob, the hiring manager at Ascender.

We Like to help our candidates be successful through being transparent and thoroughly managing the interview process. “Debbie prepped me well, going over details of the company, role and gave me insight on the hiring manager, which really helped when I flew down to meet Rob in person”.

As Anuraag was based in Brisbane and the role was in Melbourne. It took a bit of co-ordination to schedule three interviews, but this was made achievable due to Debbie’s great relationship and open channel of communication with both the candidate and client. “I found the overall process was seamless on both the recruitment and employer side”. The interview process ended up only taking three weeks, an impressive feat given the different states!

“I would definitely recommend Logical to any friends or colleagues who are on the market. The best part about my experience is finding a role I wanted, within my initial expectations”. We really try to find the best fit for both candidate and client and pride ourselves in being transparent in setting expectations of suitability. “I have dealt with other recruiters who would push me towards roles that were not quite right but with Debbie she picked what was the best fit for me”.

Anuraag has been with Ascender for 4 weeks and has settled in nicely. “I’m just really happy! Thank you Logical, Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Thanks Anuraag for taking the time to share your feedback and welcome to Melbourne!