Being able to portray your best qualities to an employer through a sheet of paper can be difficult, right? Jobxai uses machine learning to produce cover letters from scratch and assist in making sure your CV is up to scratch to land you your dream role. Welcome to tech tales, this is a new column dedicated to showcasing the stories behind technology start up’s. To kick start Tech Tales we’ve spoken to the Bei Mi Chen, Danny Blaker and Lane McDonald the founders of Jobxai. Let’s see what they had to say about how they got to say about all things tech…

The Founders

Bei Mi Chen

“I’ve always been a geek who loved technology. I was actually a musician before I became a software developer.”

 Danny Blaker

“I’ve always had a keen interest in technology from a young age and honed my skills whilst developing websites for clients. I’m passionate about building products that can have a great influence on people’s lives.”

Lane McDonald

“I worked as a chemist for a while before doing a phd in materials engineering, but I still did translation work and software projects on the side and eventually got into machine learning.”

What are the main benefits to a job seeker using your platform?

 Using Jobxai you can create Jobxai applications within minutes! Jobxai uses machine learning to produce cover letters from scratch and help tweak your resume, giving you the best possible chance of getting an interview!

 “Jobxai can be used by all professionals applying for jobs. It’s also particularly useful for young professionals who have just graduated university, and foreign workers who don’t have the linguistic and industry knowledge advantage.”

What made you decide to start your own business?

 Once we had fleshed out the concept of Jobxai, it was clear there was a lot of potential to provide value for people. As developers, we thoroughly enjoy the technical aspect of building software and the process of growing a technology business.

What lead you to the concept of Jobxai?

 When you’re new and trying to show your best, it can be hard due to the lack of knowledge and experience around writing great resumes. The time needed for job applications is also often daunting. We wanted something to take the pain out of writing job applications, and make the process easy and effective.

“The thought of applying for new jobs always bought me headaches, and for the few jobs I applied for, I’ve always had trouble optimizing my resumes”

Tell us about the journey so far with Jobxai

 Jobxai is approaching its final stages of development and we’re about to test with universities. Jobxai is tackling a rather complex problem and this is why we’ve been extremely focussed on the product – we’ve learnt so much in the process. We’ve had a seed round of angel investment and garnered the support of Amazon through their AWS Activate program. Now, we’re excited to release Jobxai to the public!

 According to ‘’ there are 1.35 million tech start-ups worldwide. With so many tech start-up’s in the competitive landscape – how have you found it competing?

We wanted to focus on building a solution that makes the process of applying for jobs simple, effortless and even enjoyable! We also feel there’s a lot of opportunity to apply Machine Learning and AI to this space. We believe focusing on the customer’s needs is the most important aspect of running any business, especially in a competitive landscape.

“There’s plenty of resume generators out there, but most only provide generic templates and advice. At Jobxai, we aim to take this experience to a whole new level with AI.”

What advise would you give to other entrepreneurs that are starting out in the tech industry?

Build the simplest version of what your product might be and try to get feedback as soon as you can. Not all products fall under this category but lots do.

As an entrepreneur – what motives and drives you?

It’s the journey and pleasure of working on something that matters to you and others.

What’s next for Jobxai?

We’ll be looking to build Jobxai’s userbase and getting as much as feedback as we can over the next year so we can improve it. We hope Jobxai will help millions of people land an interview for their dream job!

Check out their website to create your own personalised job application!