The CEO inspired by tech

Abilott is a cyber security company which enables businesses to determine their security posture. They do this in a multitude of different ways, stemming from third party vendor risk management, penetration testing, ISO27001 certification (which is a certification that mandatory for industries such as banking, gambling, and companies that offer a service to local councils and government officials). In the last 7 months, they’ve managed to secure a partnership with a global cyber security leader called Palo Alto Networks giving Abilott access to next generation Firewalls and cyber security counter measures. We interviewed the CEO Mark Adams around the journey so far and his years of experience in building and selling technology start-up’s. 

 Tell us about yourself

I started in business at the age of 20 in a marketplace that would be the IT industry of today.

Since then I have built businesses and ofcourse sold businesses whilst embracing new opportunities such as Abilott.

What are the main benefits of using Abilott’s services? Who are you targeting? What type of businesses would benefit the most?

Abilott are part of Airnow PLC which is a leader in the mobile application eco-centre, Airnow are due to float on the LSE in mid September .

“Our services range from consultancy, testing, training and countermeasures. We have some incredible emerging technologies that are at the forefront of cyber security.”

What made you decide to start your own business?

I’ve only had one job and I learned early that I could do it better, much better if I worked for myself.

What lead you to the concept of Abilott?

Abilott was an established business for ten years when I was asked to take over. It had primarily been a service business though being very good at what it did – when I took charge I wanted to add a new dimension to that.

Tell us about the journey so far with Abilott.

So far, we have increased our footprint in the UK having been successful in the banking and finance sector. We have also expanded to Melbourne, Australia and won some key accounts working with Palo Alto.

According to ‘’ there are 1.35 million tech start-ups worldwide. With so many tech start-up’s in the competitive landscape – how have you found it competing?

It’s a huge sector, not all will succeed but experience and vision will always rise to the top.

What advise would you give to other tech start up founders that are starting out?

Definitely seek out experience of others, research the market well and prepare for tough times before the good ones.

As an entrepreneur – what motives and drives you?

Creating success of course, I also love the ever-changing fast pace of the industry.

What does the future look like for Abilott?

Many exciting things, a wider global footprint, being a leader in Vendor Risk Management and securing mobile applications.