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Show Me The Money!!

We are back people! New year, fresh mind and rested from the battering that was 2019. Unfortunately, our wallets, bank accounts and credit cards are looking a little worse for wear from the festive season. This might be the added motivation you needed to sit down with your boss and ask for that much needed pay rise!

A lot of companies conduct renumeration reviews on an annual basis, which means you don’t have to ask for it, but for those who don’t, it can be a tough conversation to have. So before you pluck up the courage to slot that meeting into your managers calendar, here are a few pointers that may help you attain that much needed pay bump.

  • Do your research: Take the time to understand what your market worth is. Have a look across job boards and salary surveys and arm yourself with some numbers. You may find that you’re being paid inline with market rates, or even more, which leads me to my next little tip.
  • Illustrate your reasons: Pay increases aren’t a given, and to be fair, you’ve accepted a role knowing what it pays, so you’re going to need to highlight where you’ve added value and why you should be compensated for it. Clear examples of going above and beyond and adding more to your role than what’s expected. Make a list, check it twice…. You know the rest.
  • Have a plan B: So, you might not get the money you want but there might be options on the table such as flexible working arrangements, more holiday time, training allowances. Be open minded to suggestions outside of salary that could increase your skill base and add to your quality of life.
  • Listen and be gracious: A lot of people approach this with their backs up, this isn’t going to help your cause. Listen, take feedback, deliver your points and thank them for their time and consideration. You’re not always going to like what you hear but it’s important to take on what is said and if you don’t get the desired result, understand what you need to do to get there.

Have you asked for a pay rise before? How did you approach it? Keen to hear how it went.

Asking for a renumeration review is not unreasonable but make sure you approach it in the right way with an open mind. In the words of Mick Jagger “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you find, you get what you need”.



New Years Resignations?

It’s that time of the year again when we all get somewhat of an opportunity to take a little bit of a timeout and relax, reflect and plan. Well I’ll take 2 out of the 3, Christmas with my family is anything other than relaxing, but I digress.

As leaders, it’s a time to take stock and look towards the future while taking learnings from the year just gone. But don’t forget, our people are doing the same thing and some of them are using this time to decide on whether your organisation is the right place for them to be in 2020 and beyond. Some of them have already made the decision to split!

Have you seen any of these signs from your people this year?

  • They’re just not at work: A sure fire sign of disengagement is frequent absences. Don’t get me wrong here, people need holidays and time to recover when they’re sick, but an increase in last minute unplanned absences could mean that you’re about to lose one of your people.
  • Signs of dissatisfaction: A sudden attitude shift and/or a rise in complaints that relate to work could indicate that someone isn’t happy doing what they’re doing. In cases like this, the horse may have already bolted, but like all situations, catching a shift in attitude early could be the difference between a new year’s resignation and a productive and performing team member.
  • Gaslighting: It’s an unfortunate but all too common thing to burn bridges on the way out. Employees who are causing friction within your team may be preparing to light a match. Beware of the gas lighters!
  • Punctuality: Everyone is late from time to time, but when late becomes a habit and there is no fear of consequence, you’ve likely got a case of someone who’s checked out and really doesn’t care.

Anything there raising red flags for you? There are loads more signs and I’d be keen to hear from you on what you’ve seen in the past, but just know that while we plan to move our organisations forward, not everyone is on the bus. Keep a look out for disengagement, save yourself a headache and tackle it early.

Happy Holidays – JD