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Candidate Testimonial – Caroline Sealy

Logical are always seeking feedback from our candidates for continuous improvement. This week, we spoke with Caroline Sealy about her experience with Logical. Caroline is now a Practice Manager in the Digital Workplace team at Dimension Data.

When Caroline was ready for a change from her previous role, she immediately thought of Gill at Logical. “She’s my first thought when I consider looking for a new job or if I want to know what the market is looking like.”

Caroline and Gill met for a coffee to discuss options; there wasn’t a specific job in mind at first but they assessed Caroline’s strengths and established a fit from there. “It was cool to go there with no clue of what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted a change and Gill helped me establish what I wanted to do. She translated my skills into a role that I never would have considered before on paper but it was a great match.”

At Logical, we pride ourselves on the knowledge we have from keeping our finger on the pulse in the IT market here in Melbourne and wider Australia. We proactively keep up with tech trends and the hottest verticals in the industry which allows us to give extra value to our candidates seeking advice on what the next move in their career could look like.

Caroline went on to describe the interview process as straightforward, she had 1 week with all 3 stages of the interview and caught up with Gill every day for feedback and progress updates.

We asked Caroline how her experience with Logical differed from other recruiters:

“By leaps and bounds. It’s a lot more personal, I think of Gill as a friend and although I’ve only interacted with her in a recruitment sense, I trust her advice and she’ll always be open and honest with me when it comes to feedback on my skillset. I’ve never once felt like a source of revenue whereas I have felt like that with other agencies.”

Caroline finished by saying she’s worked with the rest of the team at Logical and it’s been an awesome experience all around and she would definitely recommend us to friends and family.

Thanks for chatting with us Caroline – it’s always a pleasure to receive positive feedback.

Talk to your candidates!!!

We hear it all the time – our candidates are frustrated! Why? Because they take the time to apply for a job and never hear back from the recruiter.

Candidates are sick and tired of being treated like they don’t matter. Whether you’re an internal recruiter or working for an agency, your candidates have taken the time to get in touch with you, they deserve to hear back! Unfortunately, the trend of high staff turnover within recruitment has driven the industry towards transactional interactions. Candidate sends resume, you check for keywords, maybe you take 3 minutes to inset your logo on the header, convert it to a PDF and throw it over the fence to your client. No wonder they think we’re all cowboys/girls!

Not unlike other specialist boutique agencies, we focus and measure our team on building long term partnerships with our candidates and clients. We may not place the candidate in the first instance every time, but with consistent communication, we can get to know their unique value propositions and how best we can assist them in the next steps of their careers.

Research conducted by Lever in 2018 shows that 60% of candidates have had a bad experience, and 72% of them have shared their experience online either on Linkedin or Glassdoor. To qualify the impact this can have, the study also found that 89% of job seekers would change their mind about working with a company if it had negative reviews on Glassdoor or Linkedin.

Treat your candidates like you treat your customers and don’t underestimate the value of Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Businesses can bang on about their great workplace culture and benefits package all they like but candidates are much more likely to believe it when it’s coming from someone they know. We see major corporate companies spend millions on marketing and branding but when it comes to candidate experience, they miss the mark. 4 in 5 job seekers in Australia said that the overall candidate experience gives them an indicator of how a company values its people. If you treat candidates well, they can become brand ambassadors for you.

Our Lead Recruitment Consultant, Debs Raddings, placed Ryan O’Connor at Nitro and he provided the feedback below;

“With Debs the relationship extends beyond the active job opportunity. There’s a lot of contact throughout the whole process and even now after placement in the role – we’re friends. She takes an interest in everything, she would take into consideration fatigue from doing constant interviews and stood out amongst other recruiters when prepping me for interviews and bringing my energy levels back to 100% to give me the best possible opportunity to be successful.”

Read Ryan’s full testimonial here

Logical operate in the tech space in Australia; we recruit the best Sales Professionals, Program/Project Managers, Unicorn Architects, and Engineers. If you are ready for a new challenge we’d love to hear from you!

Candidate Testimonial – Ryan O’Connor

Logical are always striving for ways we can improve our services. As part of this mission, we’ve started reaching out to candidates and asking for feedback.

First up to participate was Ryan O’Connor. He works as an Enterprise Account Executive at Nitro in Sydney. Ryan is an Apple enthusiast, he’s got an adorable shih tzu named Fluffy and he’s moved house 12 times in the last 16 years within Sydney.

We asked Ryan to tell us what his candidate journey was like with Logical:

“It was a rigorous application process but I was prepared well for every stage by Debs. She called me most days to catch up on updates, to the point we became good friends. She was on top of everything and worked with such efficiency. She’d call me before interviews to get me pumped up and give me the energy to perform well. She always gave me feedback and could tell me all the information I needed to know throughout the process.”

Ryan then went on to say how we’re different to other recruiters:

“Recruiters fall into 3 categories; the worst category are those who say they have an opportunity, you send your CV to them and then you never hear from them again. The middle ground, average recruiter, puts you forward for an opportunity and once the decision comes back on whether or not you were successful, you never hear from them again. They don’t provide feedback on why you weren’t successful for the role or if you get the role, they never ask how you are getting on once you begin. Then you have the category Logical fall in to – with Debs the relationship extends beyond the active job opportunity. There’s a lot of contact throughout the whole process and even now after placement in the role – we’re friends. She takes an interest in everything, she would take into consideration fatigue from doing constant interviews and stood out amongst other recruiters when prepping me for interviews and bringing my energy levels back to 100% to give me the best possible opportunity to be successful.”

Ryan said his favourite thing about Logical was the energy and enthusiasm Debs had throughout the whole process. He was also very pleased he didn’t have to do any negotiations himself with regards to package. Debs worked on getting him the best possible deal to present to him which meant he could happily accept the first offer.

Thanks to Ryan for taking the time to chat with us – we’re happy to receive such positive feedback!

Palo Alto Engineer- Melbourne CBD

Are you an experienced Security Engineer with Palo Alto experience? Want an opportunity to work with a major Global organisation with a strong reputation in the market. If you love taking on projects and challenges then this is the right role for you. Being involved in a well run organisation and followed by a great working culture this isn’t an opportunity to be missed. What a better way to engage with clients across the globe and gain further knowledge within the industry. This role is located in the Melbourne CBD and is for an immediate start.

Our Client is seeking an experienced Palo Alto Engineer with significant experience migrating firewalls from Checkpoint to Palo Alto in major projects. Experience with PAN-OS 8x is preferred, or PAN-OS 7x would be suitable as well. Our client is seeking a candidate with strong network troubleshooting capabilities (routing (static or dynamic), switching, in depth packet analysis and understanding of ISO layers.

Other requirements for the role will include the following; exposure to compliance tools (Algosec or other), experience of content filtering solutions (URL filtering, Proxies, IDS/IPS or L2), programming and automation (Ansible, Python, Java).

This isn’t a difficult role, we simply require someone with Palo Alto migration skills that can come in, work well in a team and complete the project on hand. This is a 6 month contract role with an opportunity to extend.

Interviews for this role have already begun, get in touch for a confidential chat. or 0434 627 088.

Unsocial Media

Social media, or as I like to call it, unsocial media (early in the piece for a dad joke isn’t it). Love it or hate it, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have given everyone access to forums in which they can speak their mind when and how they deem appropriate. We chase the immediate gratification of a like from a friend, or a comment on your post about how bad our manager is, but who else is watching?

Personally, I cringe at the occasional off the cuff rant that pops up in a form of a Facebook memory from time to time, quickly delete it and hope that no one saw it. This is all from a time when we probably didn’t understand the impact these platforms would have on our lives. If we knew then what we know now, we’d surely think before posting right?

Now more than ever the use of social media by employees have the ability to profoundly affect the reputation of an organisation. Regardless of whether the posts are made outside of work hours or only viewed by a limited number of people if the comments cause damage to the employer or breach an express term of an employment contract then they could be grounds for a termination of employment.

Just this month, the High Court of Australia will hear an appeal about the dismissal of a government employee for tweeting highly critical comments of the government, her employer. The case will grapple with the obligation on an employee to discharge their contractual duty of loyalty and fidelity balanced against any so-called “freedom of speech”.

The employee will argue, among other things, that her tweets were anonymous and in her private time. Among other things, the High Court may consider:

• whether a distinction between “open” and “anonymous” tweets is valid; and
• whether an employer requirement to behave “at all times” is reasonably appropriate and legitimate.

Whatever the ultimate outcome, the facts of the case serve as a good warning to both employees and employers. There is no free-standing freedom of speech in Australia like other countries.

So, if you’re having a bad day at work think twice about turning to our old friend the internet for a few cheeky likes remember, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, flustered by an argument or angry about unfair circumstances. However, issues are often fleeting; once you’ve posted, it’s there for all to see!