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New Years Resignations?

It’s that time of the year again when we all get somewhat of an opportunity to take a little bit of a timeout and relax, reflect and plan. Well I’ll take 2 out of the 3, Christmas with my family is anything other than relaxing, but I digress.

As leaders, it’s a time to take stock and look towards the future while taking learnings from the year just gone. But don’t forget, our people are doing the same thing and some of them are using this time to decide on whether your organisation is the right place for them to be in 2020 and beyond. Some of them have already made the decision to split!

Have you seen any of these signs from your people this year?

  • They’re just not at work: A sure fire sign of disengagement is frequent absences. Don’t get me wrong here, people need holidays and time to recover when they’re sick, but an increase in last minute unplanned absences could mean that you’re about to lose one of your people.
  • Signs of dissatisfaction: A sudden attitude shift and/or a rise in complaints that relate to work could indicate that someone isn’t happy doing what they’re doing. In cases like this, the horse may have already bolted, but like all situations, catching a shift in attitude early could be the difference between a new year’s resignation and a productive and performing team member.
  • Gaslighting: It’s an unfortunate but all too common thing to burn bridges on the way out. Employees who are causing friction within your team may be preparing to light a match. Beware of the gas lighters!
  • Punctuality: Everyone is late from time to time, but when late becomes a habit and there is no fear of consequence, you’ve likely got a case of someone who’s checked out and really doesn’t care.

Anything there raising red flags for you? There are loads more signs and I’d be keen to hear from you on what you’ve seen in the past, but just know that while we plan to move our organisations forward, not everyone is on the bus. Keep a look out for disengagement, save yourself a headache and tackle it early.

Happy Holidays – JD

Success with Cirrus Networks

Logical recently worked with Matt Hill, Solutions Architect and Chris McLaughlin, COO at Cirrus Networks. We introduced them and placed Matt in his job at Cirrus Networks in a record breaking 48-hour turnaround. We spoke with both of them to gather information about the hiring process went.

Chris gave an overview of the process, “Debbie reached out to me on Wednesday to have a Q&A to define expectations. I met with Matt on Thursday morning, he had a second interview on Thursday afternoon, we put the offer out on Friday and he started the job on Monday.” This is a remarkably quick placement considering the average time from a CV  being submitted to a final stage interview is around 4-6 weeks. Fortunately, Chris reports directly to the CEO which gives him a direct line to get the right approvals required to move things quickly.

Matt talked about the recruitment process is “very streamlined and efficient” and said he received all the information he needed to be successful. Chris also described the process as efficient and spoke about challenges that we overcame, “Getting references in such a short time frame was a challenge but Debbie turned this around very quickly and it wasn’t a roadblock for us.”

Chris described Logical as having “tenacity and the ability to reach the right market and get the right candidates”.  He said in contrast to other agencies that we “have a desire to get the right candidates in front of us. A lot of agencies will just put anyone in front of you to show they are working on something but that didn’t happen.”

We can’t take all the credit for the successful placement of Matt. For things to run this smoothly, we need a clear overview of the candidates’ expectations and a thorough understanding of the skills required to be successful. Aligning what a candidate wants out of their career with clients’ business objectives coupled with open channels of communication ensures everyone is happy and gets what they want.

It’s a pleasure working with brands who recognise the importance of engaging with the right talent quickly and providing a good candidate experience. This is exactly the kind of engagement the market needs and we look forward to our continued partnership with Cirrus Networks. Congratulations to Matt for securing the role and thank you to Chris for helping make this process so seamless.

Candidate Testimonial – Caroline Sealy

Logical are always seeking feedback from our candidates for continuous improvement. This week, we spoke with Caroline Sealy about her experience with Logical. Caroline is now a Practice Manager in the Digital Workplace team at Dimension Data.

When Caroline was ready for a change from her previous role, she immediately thought of Gill at Logical. “She’s my first thought when I consider looking for a new job or if I want to know what the market is looking like.”

Caroline and Gill met for a coffee to discuss options; there wasn’t a specific job in mind at first but they assessed Caroline’s strengths and established a fit from there. “It was cool to go there with no clue of what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted a change and Gill helped me establish what I wanted to do. She translated my skills into a role that I never would have considered before on paper but it was a great match.”

At Logical, we pride ourselves on the knowledge we have from keeping our finger on the pulse in the IT market here in Melbourne and wider Australia. We proactively keep up with tech trends and the hottest verticals in the industry which allows us to give extra value to our candidates seeking advice on what the next move in their career could look like.

Caroline went on to describe the interview process as straightforward, she had 1 week with all 3 stages of the interview and caught up with Gill every day for feedback and progress updates.

We asked Caroline how her experience with Logical differed from other recruiters:

“By leaps and bounds. It’s a lot more personal, I think of Gill as a friend and although I’ve only interacted with her in a recruitment sense, I trust her advice and she’ll always be open and honest with me when it comes to feedback on my skillset. I’ve never once felt like a source of revenue whereas I have felt like that with other agencies.”

Caroline finished by saying she’s worked with the rest of the team at Logical and it’s been an awesome experience all around and she would definitely recommend us to friends and family.

Thanks for chatting with us Caroline – it’s always a pleasure to receive positive feedback.

Building a dream team? It’s time to give candidates the TRUTH!

Why on earth would top talent from your biggest competitor want to join you?

Working with a close client of ours this week talking talent and transformation made me think.… ‘The golden egg’ of candidates is considering a new challenge, your company would be an excellent fit, but what do they really know about working for you?

The truth is – not much. For the best part of a working week they are in direct competition with your brand.

90% of their company banter is around how their managers would never work for you…

“their service levels are shocking”

“It’s death by micro-management”

“it’s a horrible working environment”

So what are we doing to counteract and pull the wool from the eyes, other than a standard issue job advert that stands out about as much as an outfit in Mr. Bean’s wardrobe.

The difference in reality vs fiction when running a successful talent engagement strategy can be stark. How we engage, retain and communicate with that talent will ultimately define our success in creating a successful employee value proposition.

A couple of bullet points to set the scene…

  • Attracting talent is hard – the way people interact with brands differs from candidate to candidate.
  • Lots of businesses are trying to be the best when it comes to brand perception
  • It can sometimes feel like a thankless task if engagement is low for a particular job advert or social post


When considering social media as one vehicle for attraction, the first failing of 90% of those companies is that they lack the consistency and quality of regular, engaging content to start driving traffic towards the role or bench you are looking to create.

What type of content should I post?

  • People want to work somewhere POSITIVE – Don’t be afraid to release photo and video content praising or recognising individual or team success.
  • Talk about business goals and what culture the brand is looking to drive internally – not what you’re selling as that makes up 90% of the content the marketing team is already releasing!
  • Celebrate collaboration between internal teams… project the image you are working to implement.

Make it personal, don’t regurgitate a generic company advert as you will see next to no engagement in comparison to a personalised story around why the brand is looking to hire.

Make yourself available for a conversation, this gets CV traffic coming into the business and people feel like they are applying to YOU as opposed to the “attract team” which can be impersonal and difficult to generate candidate loyalty.

What happens afterwards?

If your content strategy and candidate journey is on point, you should see an influx of active and RELEVANT applications!

Collect as much specific candidate data as possible and communicate with regular, interesting internal content to maintain engagement. (competitors just DO NOT DO THIS – you can be ahead of the curve)

When you have formed a dream talent bench, keep in touch with them monthly and make sure you are the first option when they decide to push the big green button of a career move.

Remember, consistency and dedication to the cause is key. Don’t have time…. Outsource it, delegate it to a trusted colleague, just don’t forget it!


Thoughts on a postcard…

Sydney Software Sales Consultant $90,000+

Logical are working exclusively with an applicant tracking/recruitment software vendor in Sydney. Together we are searching for their next super star in their business development team!

This business has one of the most advanced platforms in the market and is used by both recruiters and corporate establishments in tracking and monitoring applications throughout the full candidate life cycle and more. It integrates seamlessly with the likes of LinkedIn, Seek and has been established for over 10 years. There’s a new management team with big ambitions for the offering and are looking for a like minded individual to represent the brand and take it to market. Some of these ambitions include new software releases and products so your portfolio is always expanding.

The ideal candidate will have experience in selling SaaS or HCM/HR software solutions. Their sweet spot is within organisations that have up to 500 users with their offering being available across multiple year contracts on a license/subscription model.

As this is a new business led role where you will typically be targeting SME’s and recruiters so we are looking to speak with those who have experience in this field. Experience in recruitment or HR is preferable but not essential so still come speak to us about this opportunity!

Contact me to learn more about the business, offering and culture or send your CV for consideration to