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Success with Cirrus Networks

Logical recently worked with Matt Hill, Solutions Architect and Chris McLaughlin, COO at Cirrus Networks. We introduced them and placed Matt in his job at Cirrus Networks in a record breaking 48-hour turnaround. We spoke with both of them to gather information about the hiring process went.

Chris gave an overview of the process, “Debbie reached out to me on Wednesday to have a Q&A to define expectations. I met with Matt on Thursday morning, he had a second interview on Thursday afternoon, we put the offer out on Friday and he started the job on Monday.” This is a remarkably quick placement considering the average time from a CV  being submitted to a final stage interview is around 4-6 weeks. Fortunately, Chris reports directly to the CEO which gives him a direct line to get the right approvals required to move things quickly.

Matt talked about the recruitment process is “very streamlined and efficient” and said he received all the information he needed to be successful. Chris also described the process as efficient and spoke about challenges that we overcame, “Getting references in such a short time frame was a challenge but Debbie turned this around very quickly and it wasn’t a roadblock for us.”

Chris described Logical as having “tenacity and the ability to reach the right market and get the right candidates”.  He said in contrast to other agencies that we “have a desire to get the right candidates in front of us. A lot of agencies will just put anyone in front of you to show they are working on something but that didn’t happen.”

We can’t take all the credit for the successful placement of Matt. For things to run this smoothly, we need a clear overview of the candidates’ expectations and a thorough understanding of the skills required to be successful. Aligning what a candidate wants out of their career with clients’ business objectives coupled with open channels of communication ensures everyone is happy and gets what they want.

It’s a pleasure working with brands who recognise the importance of engaging with the right talent quickly and providing a good candidate experience. This is exactly the kind of engagement the market needs and we look forward to our continued partnership with Cirrus Networks. Congratulations to Matt for securing the role and thank you to Chris for helping make this process so seamless.