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Candidate Testimonial – Caroline Sealy

Logical are always seeking feedback from our candidates for continuous improvement. This week, we spoke with Caroline Sealy about her experience with Logical. Caroline is now a Practice Manager in the Digital Workplace team at Dimension Data.

When Caroline was ready for a change from her previous role, she immediately thought of Gill at Logical. “She’s my first thought when I consider looking for a new job or if I want to know what the market is looking like.”

Caroline and Gill met for a coffee to discuss options; there wasn’t a specific job in mind at first but they assessed Caroline’s strengths and established a fit from there. “It was cool to go there with no clue of what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted a change and Gill helped me establish what I wanted to do. She translated my skills into a role that I never would have considered before on paper but it was a great match.”

At Logical, we pride ourselves on the knowledge we have from keeping our finger on the pulse in the IT market here in Melbourne and wider Australia. We proactively keep up with tech trends and the hottest verticals in the industry which allows us to give extra value to our candidates seeking advice on what the next move in their career could look like.

Caroline went on to describe the interview process as straightforward, she had 1 week with all 3 stages of the interview and caught up with Gill every day for feedback and progress updates.

We asked Caroline how her experience with Logical differed from other recruiters:

“By leaps and bounds. It’s a lot more personal, I think of Gill as a friend and although I’ve only interacted with her in a recruitment sense, I trust her advice and she’ll always be open and honest with me when it comes to feedback on my skillset. I’ve never once felt like a source of revenue whereas I have felt like that with other agencies.”

Caroline finished by saying she’s worked with the rest of the team at Logical and it’s been an awesome experience all around and she would definitely recommend us to friends and family.

Thanks for chatting with us Caroline – it’s always a pleasure to receive positive feedback.